LACY Partnerships

We believe it is our life’s mission to bring these groundbreaking LACY-activated entourage-class products to the consumers and patients who need them the most.

We’d be honored to have your help in this noble goal. In our business development efforts, we’ve identified five main partnership types in bringing these products to market:


Bring LACY into your company, push your brand ahead of the competition, have a true differentiator, make more money, help people get strain-specific relief.

Joint Venture

Let’s start a company together that houses LACY technology, let our team build everything out, we handle production, science, and research and development,and you take on sales and distribution. Everyone does what they are best at.

White labeling

Buy LACY products directly from Harvest Direct and bring them under your brand.

Invest in HDE

Join us as an investor and see the upside and positive impact as LACY product spread from coast to coast. We are very selective about who joins our cap table –strategic investors > just money.

Click here for our intro-deck.

Clinical Trials

a key part of proving the efficacy of LACY-activated products vs. isolates vs.other medicines as well. If you a doctor, pharmacist, or health care professional please do not hesitate to reach out. Let’s get your strain-specific and ailment-specific patients the relief they need.

For more information on any of these partnership types please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!