What is lacy?


Lossless Activation Chamber Y (LACY) is the first and only system which can activate a strain with no loss or degradation to the plant profile itself. This means for The first time ever we can enjoy a specific strain in a capsule, topical, inhaler, and so many other possibilities. With LACY, we can preserve strains like Blue Dream, that work for pain relief, and apply them in a sensible way. The future of cannabis is strain specific. With LACY we protect what matters.



Cannabis and hemp must be activated (decarbed) before they can work in your body. Basically, cannabinoid acids like THC-A and CBD-A need to be converted to their active forms: THC and CBD. The problem is, the high heat used in this process achieves activation but it also destroys and completely ruins the plant profile you started with. When you activate Blue Dream in a hot oven, it can no longer be called Blue Dream.

There has to be a better way,
and that’s where LACY comes in.

We are pioneering lossless activation. We are making sure the full plant profile reaches the patient/consumer who needs it the most.


Old School

  • The most common method of decarb is burning cannabis flower using fire/heat - this is how joints, bongs, and pipes work. And the same goes for vaporizing concentrates - either by dabbing or with a vape pen.
  • With non-smoked products, the current methods use ovens to cook the flower, thus activating the cannabinoids. However, this method destroys the profile of the strain you started with and leaves you with a largely THC or CBD-only product. Bland, one dimensional, and it no longer holds the distinct characteristics of its starting materials.
  • Distillation is a process that separates cannabinoids from everything else using a vacuum and high heat, once again creating a high THC or CBD-only product with little to no terpene content. This product is used to make bland and one-dimensional vape cartridges and edibles. The characteristics of the strain you started have been lost in the process.



Our decarb process stands high above others - the proof is in the data!

Nothing added, everything preserved.

With LACY we capture the whole strain, with all of its distinct effects and characteristics, into any form imaginable. That’s what makes this technology so revolutionary. Any strain into any product.

Imagine the possibiliites..


With Lossless Activation, our inhaled/non-inhaled products can provide the same characteristic experience and benefits conferred by a strain without combustion or high heat. Providing a discreet, full plant profile experience.


Open-air decarb drives off the essence of the strain, and degrades some of what remains, transforming the flower or extract into a faint echo of its original identity.


The leading high-tech way to decarb cannabinoids is vacuum distillation. Not only can this process degrade cannabinoids, but it also removes all other distinctive content - and thus strain character. Distillates can be recombined with the “original” terpenes, but even the best “recomb” products fail to reach the potential of their starting materials - or a LACY product.

With LACY, we can keep everything together from start to finish, and go from flower to formulated edible, topical, or inhaler, without jumping through chemical hoops - like separating and recombining.


Entourage Effect is a proven phenomenon - and it has been observed in a variety of natural products outside of cannabis as well. Minor compounds found in natural products appear to make the primary drug safer, more effective, and more distinct. This explains why two strains can have comparable amounts of THC/CBD and yet their effects can be on opposite ends of the spectrum. The strain profile correlates directly to the effects and characteristics exhibited. The Entourage Effect is real we need to preserve it!

With our LACY system we can now research thoroughly with precise dosing, exactly how the Entourage Effect differs from strain to strain and how we can apply it medicinally. Imagine, real and controlled clinical trials on cannabis strains, and without having to smoke.

Welcome to the future of cannabis.