About Us

Who We are

We are a team of cannabis visionaries evolving the human relationship with cannabis by protecting what matters: strain-specific, full spectrum benefits. Essentially, letting nature do the work and preserving everything it creates. From plant to pill. From farmer to consumer.

We are the cannabis science elite. We know the cannabis plant in and out. We understand the complex pharmacology behind it. And our life’s goal is to bring everything this holistic and natural plant has to offer to the millions/billions of people around the world who would benefit from it. Putting whole plant medicine in a form that is effective, discreet, and consistent.

We are Harvest Direct.

We Protect What Matters.

What we do

Focused on innovation, scientific integrity, and holistic quality, we bring real strain specificity to non-smoked products. We put the whole plant - and everything it has to offer - into forms your grandmother would be ok with.
This is the future of cannabis.

  • Perpetual Innovation - from LACY and its innumerable applications to other technologies based on the LACY principles, we expand the horizon of cannabis product possibilities fueled by our own experiences, passions, and imaginations.
  • Scientific Integrity - helping to lead the pathway to normalization, we understand that top-notch and comprehensive quality assurance is central to transparency and critical to consumer trust. And that's why 1/3 of our team comes directly from cannabis testing - nobody takes QA/QC as seriously as we do.
  • Holistic Quality - the operating principle of LACY is revolutionary, truly a platform of innovation focused on keeping the Full Plant Profile together, instead of complex separations and mixtures with artificial ingredients. We can never truly replicate what mother nature can do - so instead let's focus on preserving it.

Why we do it

We do this because we care. We have family members and team members whose lives have been completely transformed for the better thanks to cannabis. We want to bring that love and healing to the world. We draw from our deep experience in retail, testing, and production to deliver fine cannabis goods that patients and consumers deserve.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We must protect what matters: The purity of the strain, the potency of its powers, and the belief in its future.

We aim to provide access for patients, healthcare providers, and general consumers to a level of product quality never before attained in cannabis - ever. Losslessly Activated cannabis products deliver the distinct effects and medical benefits of any strain through the versatility of any infused product using our patent-pending and unique process.

Our philosophy of keeping the full plant profile intact - not separating and recombining - is as technically innovative as it is novel for patients and consumers. With LACY we can now prove - through double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials - the magnitude and scope of the Entourage Effect. Anyone working on clinical trials using cannabis needs access to our LACY technology and we'd be happy to provide it.

This elegant process legitimately stands to expand the therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant in ways never imagined before.

MEET the Team


Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Zeyead Gharib has clocked over 5,000 hours in a professional laboratory setting and his love of the laboratory is only second to his love of cannabis and its potential to help humanity. After getting a American Chemical Society Certified Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and a minor in Arabic - Zeyead entered the cannabis industry and hasn't looked back since. With a primary focus on analytical/instrumental chemistry, Zeyead started by work as an R&D Chemist at MyDx - a handheld portable analyzer for cannabis. Working directly with the CEO of MyDx, Zeyead learned about marketing, business, and leadership. Most importantly, he learned how to apply his scientific skills and his knowledge of cannabis in a business setting. From 2016 to 2017, Zeyead was employed full-time as a Chromatography Specialist at Confidence Analytics, one of the highest through-put marijuana testing facilities in Washington. In 2017, Zeyead and Ahmed Gharib started HDE and invented LACY - their flagship innovation. At HDE, Zeyead functions as our CEO and is in charge of research and development, quality control, and investor/public relations.


Chief Operating Officer, Founder,
and Chief Business Strategist

Ahmed graduated from Schenley High School in Pittsburgh, PA. After that, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Administrative Justice with plans to attend law school. Those plans quickly changed once he saw the lightning-fast change in cannabis prohibition and the trend towards legalization. After graduation, Ahmed and his brother Zeyed made the move to Washington State to enter the legal cannabis industry. Before co-founding Harvest Direct Enterprises with Zeyead Gharib in 2017, Ahmed worked as a bud tender in an I-502 recreational cannabis dispensary in Lynnwood, Washington during the day, and spent his nights co-writing the patent application that helped catapult HDE to the industry leader in cannabis bioscience it is today. As COO of Harvest Direct Enterprises, Ahmed operates at a tactical, strategic, and operational level, often handling and overseeing projects that fall between multiple departments and areas of responsibility. His most vital role is serving as a trusted advisor and confidant to the CEO.


Chief Legal Officer

Nick attended Indiana University where he earned Bachelor's Degrees in Journalism and History. After Indiana University, he attended Oklahoma City University School of Law on scholarship. While there, he was on the Dean's List and joined Phi Delta Phi. He also served as a legal intern at Helms, Underwood and Cook LLP and Bureleson LLP and studied International Law at Lund University Faculty of Law in Sweden. Upon gaining his Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University School of Law, Nick worked as an oil and gas transactional attorney at Dovedan, McMillin and Unruh, PLLC in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles from 2014 to 2017. Then in 2017, Nick left Dovedan, McMIllin and Unruh to join Pony Oil, LLC in Dallas, Texas where he served as Chief Legal Officer from 2017 to 2019. As Pony Oil's Chief Legal Officer, Nick developed and managed Pony Oil's legal department. In 2018, he became an equity owner in Pony Oil. In 2019, Nick left Pony Oil to join Harvest Direct Enterprises, LLC to serve as their Chief Legal Officer. As Harvest Direct Enterprises' Chief Legal Officer, Nick is responsible for all the company's legal matters ranging from contract drafting and negotiations to intellectual property licensing and maintenance.


Lead Chemist

Zack is our new Lead Chemist. Educated at Texas State University, he was on the Dean's List twice, earned Outstanding Graduate in Chemistry accolades from the ACS, and scored above the 98th percentile on nearly all ACS standardized final exams. Interested for years to help legitimize cannabis with science, he came to Washington in 2014 on a mission. He worked a 4-month stint at Analytical 360 before moving to Confidence Analytics to build skills and experience.  As Chromatography Manager, he developed test methods for over 4 years, including the first pesticide test method accredited by the Washington LCB, and the most stable and accurate cannabinoid test method in Washington according to publicly available data. A few of these methods he co-developed with our CEO, Zeyead! Zack also developed and recorded lab processes, assisted the software development team, instilled a culture of continuous training, and maintained up to 7 analytical instruments at a time. Zack played a central role in discovering and describing degradation of 9-THC in vacuum distillation, presenting his findings to acclaim at ACS National 2019 in Orlando. Zack fulfilled consult contracts for extraction R&D and training - coining the term "cold makes gold" in 2015 - and has direct experience with all major commercial extraction types. As the Lead Chemist at Harvest Direct Enterprises, Zack is helping realize the full potential of the elegant process embodied by LACY, fueled by a unique depth of experience and intuition for cannabis chemistry.


Executive General Manager

Suzanne is our Executive General Manager.  Having worked mostly at tech startups and small businesses, she is very familiar with office management and human resources, she is particularly experienced in the areas of employee relations, directing administrative functions, and developing company culture. Suzanne served as the Networking Department Manager at Up Time Technologies where she learned the importance of great leadership and as the office manager at SBG Investor Relations where she had the opportunity to learn about the investment world. At Silicon Mechanics, she started out at the bottom and worked her way through many positions, where she created the HR department; and helped a tiny little company blossom to a $60m a year corporation. Understanding and appreciating the value of a professional network of vendors, customers and colleagues is what makes her tick.  Suzanne earned her BS in Business Management from Western Governors University and holds "Professional in HR" credentials from HRCI & SHRM.  She brings 30 years of office management and HR experience from various industries, including healthcare and technology, to the Harvest Direct team.  Suzanne ensures the smooth operation of the office with her extensive knowledge and efficient handling of company documentation and schedules.  Medical cannabis has always been of great interest and she is very excited to work with such an outstanding team to bring this revolutionary technology to the market.


Operations Coordinator

Loni Garth is the Operations Coordinator at Harvest Direct Enterprises. With a strong passion for cannabis, Loni began budtending in 2016 at Puff n Chill in Lynnwood, WA. Spotting this as an opportunity to learn and move up in the legal cannabis industry, she absorbed as much cannabis knowledge as she could, ranging from the effects of different strains and profiles, to trends in pricing, market trajectory, and evolving consumer tastes. Most importantly, however, she found that helping patients and consumers find the relief they desire from a specific strain of cannabis was truly rewarding. To that end, Loni moved on to a new position at an I-502 producer/processor called Green Rush where she expanded her cannabis knowledge and experience into  product development, extraction, and packaging. In October 2018, Loni joined the Harvest Direct Enterprises team, where she brought her experience in extraction, processing, and her knowledge of cannabis. Working closely with Zack, our lead chemist, and with LACY, our flagship innovation, Loni has conducted more runs of losslessly activated cannabis material than anyone in the organization and this has amplified Loni's passion for cannabis and its potential to change the world.


CEO & Founder


COO & President


Co-Founder & Advisor


Lead Chemist


Executive Assistant


Laboratory Technician